Saturday, 11 June 2016

Union Cafe (Dublin 14) - Perfect for the summer

Dublin weather during the months of May and June is usually really nice (OK, OK.... it is now pouring down with rain and the sky has a really intimidating dark grey colour!) I mean in general... or let's say I'd love to think that in general, Dublin weather can be really nice :-). Rather difficult to talk about the weather in this country eh?

Well, if you happen to be in town during one of those really nice weekends, when the sun shines like there's no tomorrow and your summer skirt (just one, why would you need more?) starts begging you to wear it and go for a nice long walk, then let me tell you about an AMAZING place to go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a coffee or a glass of wine (juice for the kids)


Perfectly located on Deer Park Road, literally opposite the playground at Deer Park (which we like very much... see here), you can go for a coffee right before you take the kids to the park, or right afterwards, when you start getting hungry. Not a bad plan, isn't it?

What I immediately liked about Union Café: the car park! It has a big car park!! Isn't it great? The building is pretty nice form the outside too, with a very nice seating area.

When you enter, you find the rotisserie, the bakery, the store and lots of soooo good looking pastries that it is practically impossible not to start salivating like a little kid...


The restaurant area is pretty spacious and has enough room for buggies. There is a kids menu which is fine (the kids enjoyed their sausages with mashed potato, juice and ice cream)  and the adult brunch menu is quite good (not very cheap, though, but once every now and then...). I had rotisserie chicken with caesar salad was very tasty!

What can I say???? I have just fallen in love with the place... I foresee many morning coffees in the terrace just before we go play soccer with the boys at Deer Park.

A great discovery!!!

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  1. Muuuuuy bonito!! ya que el verano se alarga, podemos visitarlo en Diciembre? :)