Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Mellow Fig Cafe in Blackrock (Co. Dublin)

If I had to describe The Mellow Fig Cafe in Blackrock (5 Georges Avenue)  with just a word, I would choose COZY. It is without any doubt a cozy cafe...

The decorations of the place is so welcoming that you literally feel like at home from the very first moment you set foot in it: polka dots and flower tablecloths, comfortable armchairs, colourful cushions, a lovely waiting area with a big sofa, mismatched lamps...  just like visiting your granny's for a cup of tea and a comforting warm apple pie with cream (by the way, order it if you can, because i's delicious).

We are an original family: we usually order different things so we always have the chance to try different choices in the menu wherever we go, and last time we went to The Mellow Fig was not an exception - we tried the pancakes

the veggie breakfast (that was my choice and I loved it!):

mini Irish breakfast:

different types of cakes...

mmmmm! Pity you cannot smell it :-)

Of course, coffee, hot chocolate (with lots and lots of marshmallows) and tea - and I need to mention the collection of tea cozies that they have right behind the counter (and use when you order a cup of tea): a knitters well of inspiration!

After breakfast/brunch, you can go for a walk to the Blackrock Market, located literally across the road:very nice if you are into flea market shopping or just like to look around (like me :-))

So we totally recommend The Mellow Fig for a lovely Saturday/Sunday morning! If your family is big, I'd suggest you go early or you'll have to wait for a while... even though the waiting sofa is quite comfortable, so just take the newspaper and enjoy the waiting :-)


  1. Hola! me encantas todas tus sugerencias de desayunos para los fines de semana! este lo tenemos que probar pronto! gracias :)

  2. This was a great recommendation - Thanks!

  3. It looks like a quaint, lovely place for a great meal.