Thursday, 23 June 2016

Le Petit Breton (Dublin 9) - good crêperie!

What can I say: we love crêpes!

They are a fantastic meal - you can prepare them with everything: savoury for lunch, sweet for dessert or for an afternoon snack (one of my kids would kill for a warm nutella crêpe), they fill you up, but do not make you feel heavy after eating them and can be eaten at home / in a restaurant  or on the go... perfect for all tastes and demands!

Well now there is a new place in Dublin where you can enjoy perfect crêpes the French way: Le Petit Breton in Drumcondra (1A Drumcondra Road Lower).

We found it just by accident, but even before we tried their food, we liked it: the place is really...., it has a "je ne sais quoi", a difficult-to-explain something that makes it very attractive.  So even though we had driven past it, we turned around and looked for a place to park: we had to try a crepe at "Le Petit Breton" :-)

I personally loved the way they have decorated the place: outside, the bright yellow chairs and tables make a perfect contrast with the dark grey walls of the café.

Inside the decoration is not crazy, just calmed, with those little French details - doesn't need any more.

About the food, well... we were all super satisfied with what we chose:

One of the kids had his usual: nutella crêpe, and added some vanilla ice cream.... loved it!

Our second kid and dad had La Complète (egg, ham and emmental cheese): difficult to go wrong with that choice, and obviously they didn't go wrong. Crêpes were "gone" in absolutely no time!

And for myself.....: La French Comté: what a taste!. I need to tell you what it has: French Comté cheese (my absolute favourite), bacon, tomatoes, onions cooked in cider... I hope one day we'll be able to take pictures including smells and then I'll go back to Le Petit Breton and take a picture of this crepe again. Now, I'll have to live with this odourless picture and come back often to refresh my memories :-).

The menu is extensive enough to cover most tastes, so I wouldn't be worried if you are not a nutella or French Comté mad like us: you'll be able to pick another sweet or savoury option from the list!

As said, the place is not big, so if you're planning to go and try with a big group, maybe it'd be good to reserve in advance. The place seemed busy around midday on a Saturday...

Go an try - I am pretty sure you'll like the place

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