Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lunch + sunny afternoon @ Bray

Any excuse is good for us to go out for breakfast, or lunch or just to discover a new place (and I really mean "any"excuse)...

Some weeks ago we celebrated my husband's birthday: that is more than a good excuse!  Aaaand the day was bright and warm: what else could we ask for??!!

Had some things to do in the morning, but right before lunch, we took the car and headed South - towards Bray

Bray is a great town in Co. Wicklow, very close to Dublin (you can even get there by DART). We do not go there very often, but from time to time, specially if the sun decides to shine down on this little corner of the world, we enjoy the place.

Our itinerary is always the same: we drive into town towards the beach and park as close as possible to the Sea Life Aquarium.

Right opposite the aquarium there is a little street called Albert Avenue. On Albert Avenue, you'll find our usual first stop: Campo De Fiori Risto-Market (the restaurant with the same name is in the corner, but the Risto-Market where we go is a little bit up the hill).

Campo de Fiori Risto-Market is a small place, half food store - half restaurant. No proper tables, just counters and high stools but the food is really good. My kids absolutely love the pizzas there.... because it's difficult not to like them :-)

My older one and my nephew love the Calzone

and the little one always orders Margherita with...(listen well) with parma ham: he would eat the plate if he could - just adores this pizza!

Prices are not the lowest in town, but not high either, and given the quality of the pizzas, we happily pay (money well spent, I assure you).

After lunch, we go for a walk on Strand Road... and while we walk, the kids run to throw a few flat stones to the water ( by the way, why do boys like throwing stones to the water so much?)

If the temperature is cold, we would get a cup of tea for our walk, and if it's warm, we'll go for an ice cream. Yes I know: very simple minded! but why would we do anything more complicated than that? the place invites you to go for a walk!

A while ago I read about 2 great walks that start in Bray. Both start at the Raheen Park free car park, so this time we went to see... we had to go back home early, but just wanted to take a look and see if the walks were suitable for kids and if they were "promising":

- The Cliff Walk - from Bray to Greystones. Approx 7 kms along the coast. These are the pictures I took of the start. The views are just amazing. This one looks VERY promising and apparently not complicated. I wrote it on my list of things to do asap.

- Bray Head walk - steeper than the Cliff Walk, up to the cross at the top. I can only imagine what you can see from the top! My younger son is the laziest person in the whole world, so I'll have to bribe him....already making a plan :-)

I always have the same feeling when we come here: we should come more often, find new restaurants or cafés, more walks! Please drop me a couple of lines if you would recommend a place to see, a special activity to do in this fantastic town.

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