Saturday, 26 April 2014

Herbert Park (Dublin 4) - great option to spend a lazy afternoon

Herbert Park is a gorgeous park (of course) in Dublin 4, right between US Embassy and the RDS.

We know it well, as is not far from home -close enough to get there with our bikes/scooters- so we visit it very often throughout the year. I like it very much but I have to say that during this Spring/Summer months the park is most enjoyable.

Last week we decided to go there to spend one of those "lazy" afternoons: took the scooters, the ball, a couple of bottles of water and some money to buy ice cream from the van that's usually parked outside the playground (that's a must!)

The park looked just amazing. The sun had been shining since the morning and the temperature was perfect to lie down and take a nap (remember: I'm Spanish and don't want to lose some old habits!)

The kids and Dad started playing soccer - practicing for the World Cup...

and I just enjoyed the place. Took some pics - hope you like them as much as I do:

I went up to the pond that's beside the Herbert Park Hotel and was lucky enough to see Mum Duck enjoying the weather with her ducklings and this just made me fall in love with the place:

(Sometimes I wish I knew how to take good pictures!)

So I wholeheartedly recommend this park (one of my favourites in Dublin). If your kids are not old enough to spend hours on end playing soccer, there is a superb playground in the park with activities for kids of all ages:

Try Herbert Park - you'll love it!

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  1. i used to live right next door to that park, on Argyle Road! I loved it so very much. Thanks for the beautiful trip down memory lane...