Sunday, 25 May 2014

"Breakfasting" @ Press Café, National Print Museum, Dublin 4

Got up late this morning: last night's Champion's league final match requested our attention, support, cheers, tears... (one team had to lose and unfortunately not all of us were happy with the result).

So when we got up it was late to go very far away to have some breakfast. We decided to try one close to home: the Press Cafe, in the National Print Museum, in Beggar's Bush (Dublin 4).

The place looks fantastic: simply and tastefully decorated with a mixture of old and new, lots of plants and lots of light everywhere

And the food sounded very promising as well:

Dad went for the "Press Signature" with soda bread, avocado, chorizo and eggs on top... it smelled delicious and tasted even better!

And the kids preferred their classics: Banana bread french toast and omelette with sausage and toast

I had a very comforting cup of tea and the French toast that one of the kids couldn't finish (big portions for them, I knew it from the beginning)

Our final verdict of the place is...

LIKE IT!!! - We'll come again

Very nice morning. Got home just in time to see the Formula1 race (what would our life be without sports on the TV???)

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