Sunday, 8 June 2014

Quick visit to Skerries - We'll be back!

I like sports... I love sports! But the thought of spending my whole weekend watching tennis, football or F1 annoys me just a little bit, specially if the weather is nice.

But at home we believe in democracy (not sure if this is good or not, really), so everybody gets to do what we want at some point during the two days a week we spend together: Saturdays and Sundays (wouldn't it be easier to do just what mum says??? Mum is always right, right?)

Anyway, back to my weekend. Some of the things the family wanted to do: watch F1 Canadian Prix, watch Roland Garros (Womens finals on Sat and Mens finals on Sun), watch Spain play soccer against El Salvador (friendly match!), aaaaand: enjoy nature! go out of Dublin and feel the fresh air, hear the birds singing, take a walk along the beach (any beach)...

Of course, we all had a slot, and mine was from 9am to 1pm this morning (and I even had to say thank you! agggh!)

OK, focus, focus: my place of choice: SKERRIES.

Why Skerries? because we have been to the mills just outside the village three or four times (even wrote a post about them!), but never in the village, and I had heard really good comments about it; because I have been meaning to go to a café located there (Olive Café) for at least 6 months, and had not had the chance to so far, and because I was desperately in need of going out of Dublin.

So at 9:15h this morning we were all showered and dressed, ready to leave home to enjoy my weekend slot :-). Destiny: Skerries.

Our first stop was Olive Cafe... at last! And I have to say that I liked it a lot. It's a little café, with a traditional (I would say charming) retro decoration, and full of life.

The counter full of pastries, cakes and cookies of all types is specially attractive and the menu is simple but complete.

One of the kids fell in love with the brownies and the other one with the croissants, so this time it was easy for them to choose.

Regarding us, "adults", I chose a gorgeous granola+yoghourt+fresh berries+honey cup, and dad went for the classic porridge. We were all very happy with our choices :-)

The café also has a deli shop. I'll have to go back and explore it more in depth, but I saw some sauces that looked amazing for a good pasta dish!

In general, the experts give their verdict:

Test passed! We'll come back

Only see a difficulty for those of you who need to use buggies: the space. The place is small and, at least today, quite crowded, which is a very good thing, but makes it complicated to get in with a buggie. I would say for those of you in that situation, there are two options:

- The terrace in front of the cafe: it's covered and has a couple of heaters

- The terrace at the back of the café. Not covered, so could only be used if the weather is kind, but it's really nice

After our nice and quiet breakfast, we went to the beach. Lovely and big, with a looong path beside it that is just asking to be walked (maybe next time, when I do not have to fight against Nadal, Lewis Hamilton or Iniesta for 15 more minutes of the weekend). I specially wanted to go as some months ago I read the history of this beach and all the islands that you can see from there. It is believed that St Patrick first set foot on one of them when he returned to Ireland as a missionary!

Pity the weather was not as nice as it's been during the last weeks, but at least it was not raining, so we could enjoy the landscape and breath some fresh air while the kids played with the ball just beside us.

Time over! We needed to go back home quickly as Nadal and Djockovic were getting ready to start the match... there'll be a next time! I promise!!!!!

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