Saturday, 5 January 2013

New discovery: Fun Galaxy in Ashbourne Co. Meath

...and what a great discovery!

Some time ago I talked to you about Fun Galaxy in Swords (see the post here): I love that place: it's affordable (compared to other play centres), has natural light, nice coffee and a "parent's zone", with sofas on the first floor, overlooking the play area which is just fantastic.

So we were happy to hear that the owners of this place had opened another indoors play centre in Ashbourne, Co. Meath. The moment we knew, we decided we wanted to go and visit it as soon as possible!

Some weeks ago we had the chance to go there and try the new premises.

It is not difficult to find Ashbourne if you're driving from Dublin: just take the N2/ M2. The more complicated part comes when you arrive in Ashbourne, because the address on the web is just: Fun Galaxy, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

We asked in a local store and found out that the place is in the Ashbourne Retail Park, so I've prepared a map for you not to get lost if you want to go. Here it is:

View Fun Galaxy @Ashbourne, Co. Meath in a larger map

First impression - very good: spacious entrance hall (much more spacious than the one in Swords) with two couches - my kids loved the little one :-)

Once you pay at reception, you turn left and reach the play area. Huuuuge.

The cafe is just in front of the door with a lot of tables around, for parents to have something to drink/eat while they wait for their kids.

We immediately looked for the stairs, to go to the first floor, where the couches are.

There we sat down and relaxed with some chips - from there we could see the boys playing downstairs, so the location is perfect!

The play area is fantastic: very big and specially very very clean. It also has natural light - this is to me very important. It has a bit of everything : the toddlers corner,

 the mini football ground,


a center area with guns that shoot very soft foam balls (I was "shot" and they do not hurt at all!), climbing walls, hidden corridors connecting the different attractions....

and a special activity for the older kids of the family. A circuit at ceiling level, where the older ones can spend some time while the young ones play at ground level.

I took a short video for you to get a better idea of the place.

As a summary, we all loved this new discovery. It's definitely worth the drive from Dublin (if you're not in a hurry). I'm sure we will visit the place quite a few times in the next months.

Have you had the chance to visit it? Did you like it? Would love to hear your experience!

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