Friday, 15 February 2013

The new member of the Avoca family @ Malahide Castle

I love the Avoca stores - all the ones I've visited! They're decorated with such a good taste, you can see that even the tiniest details have been taken care of. I also love the Avoca cafés because they're... very pleasant (and I think that is the best compliment for a café/restaurant)

I know they're not the cheapest... but from time to time, I think it's worth treating yourself and enjoying the moment :-).

A couple of months ago we heard that Avoca had opened a new store/café right at Malahide castle  and we decided we should try it soon. And we did!:

I'm sure you all know Malahide Castle and Gardens, the whole area is amazing! specially if you're lucky enough (like we were last time) to visit on a sunny day

but veeeery cold!

so we were sure the Avoca would be nice

....And it was!

The entrance is right beside the castle

If you take the smaller door to the left, you'll see the AVOCA sign right in front of you: impossible to miss!

From there on, it's 100% Avoca style: the kitchenware area, the food area, the kids' corner... I cannot avoid spending a good half an hours just looking around, trying not to listen to my husband's not-so-happy complaints

This is the kitchenware area of the store. I love the colours! The "perfectly organized mess" is just fantastic:

The food section, with all those baskets of fresh bread AND those cakes...ummmmmm!

The café won't deceive you. First of all, the place itself: the space, the tables, the lamps!

And the food... well, if you know the other Avoca cafés, you'll know their porridge, their pancakes or their Irish breakfast, to name but a few: great quality

After breakfast, there are so many options if you have kids: take the ball and try to fight the cold weather by playing football

...or take the bikes and go for a ride to discover how big and charming the gardens are:

Or you can go for a walk, you can spend some time in the playground...

Please visit the place - I'm sure you'll fall in love with it. If you've already been there, why don't you tell your story?? It'll be most welcomed :-)

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