Sunday, 9 December 2012

Christmas has arrived @ Farmleigh House

I know, I know - I also watch TV from time to time, and the commercials are all very "Christmas oriented". I walk on the streets and all I see is Santa everywhere, Christmas trees and lights, and the lovely Christmas music... but I have to say that till this morning I wasn't on a Christmas mood yet - not at all!

But, this morning we went to visit Farmeligh House, beside Phoenix Park and my mood has changed completely: I feel now more Christmassy than Santa himself :-)

Farmleigh House - what a lovely place! specially at this time of the year.... we took the long way to get there: through Chapelizod, up to Castlenock, and parked the car just outside the Whites Gate residential area, at the entrance of the Park.

From there there is a lovely and broad path to Farmeleigh House, that even when the weather is cold, like this morning, it´s so nice to walk.

I would say it is a 200m walk and you get to the café, on the left.

It´s just a little house by the lake, but the atmosphere was really warm inside.

Each one of us ordered a different thing and we all loved our choices: I had a carrot and parsnip soup to try to keep warm and it was fantastic, and heard from the kids that the baked potato and the BLT sandwich were also good. We had to have our lunch at a table outside the café, because the ones inside were all was cold, but the views from our table were fantastic (always look for the positive side of things!)

After a while, a group of singers came to the café so we went inside to listen to them

there's when my mood changed to "it's Christmas time", when I saw them singing with their red hats and their white beards :-)

After our lunch we went for a walk around Farmleigh House, we saw the real authentic Santa ho! ho! ho! took a look at the stalls at the Christmas market (where we bought a lovely handmade wreath and some fantastic muffins from this place:

We wanted to go and watch the Christmas puppet show that was on at the house (at the cowshed theatre), but the kids were tired (they had been playing football for a while) and we decided to leave the show for another day - there'll be puppet shows also next weekend, 15th and 16th, and the weekend after that, 22nd and 23rd, so for sure we'll come back to watch it.

As you can see, our day was nothing special, but soooo nice. We all had a big smile on our faces when we left the place to go back to the car. Christmas has started today for us at Farmleigh House.

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