Saturday, 10 November 2012

Autumn in Belvedere House & Gardens (Mullingar, Co. Meath)

Special, very special - that's how I would describe Belvedere Estate in Mullingar, Co. Meath at this time of the year

We had never visited the place until last week: they had organised a Halloween event for kids and we decided to go and see - no good or bad expectations, just an open mind, camara in our hands, our wellies and warm clothes.

Exactly 1 hour after we left home in Dublin, we were parking at the free parking area (easily accessible, and not difficult to find as there are signs indicating the way to get there from the N4).

The day was a typical autumn day: not cold, but very humid, grey sky but not heavy rain forecasted. Right after the entrance of the Estate, there is a short road, that looks like this (isn't it lovely?):

Once we parked, and got in the house, our first stop was, of course the cafe (breakfast is important!). The cafe is located in an ideal place inside the house: a long gallery with natural light coming from the ceiling,

 spacious, very clean, nice temperature and child-friendly atmosphere - we couldn't ask for more...

After one cappuccino, a couple of hot chocolates and three or four bread and butter puddings (totally recommendable),

and also after a couple of screams when we found out our special scary halloweeny neighbours in the cafe, 

we were ready to go to the parkland with our buckets to look for halloween treats. This was waiting for us outside, by Lough Ennell

We spent all our day, walking, enjoying pure nature: the colours, the views, the landscape... we enjoyed Autumn

After our walk, we stopped at the little playground outside the house and then back to the car. 

Hope you liked the pictures - If you´re planning to visit, do it before Autumn is over! Or, maybe you could wait till mid December, cause we heard that Santa will have his base there during Christmas.... I know of two little people at home who will make me take them to Belvedere Estate again  before 24th December!

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