Friday, 25 May 2012

Dublin Docklands Summer Festival

What a weather!!!! It's difficult to believe... only four or fivedays ago I was still wearing my coat+scarf and now I can use my flip flops to go outside. 

So the summer is here, and with it the Summer Festivals! We'll start with....


Tomorrow and Sunday, the Grand Canal Square will be the most interesting place to go if you are in Dublin during the weekend.

I passed by this morning and the square looked fantastic! well, everything looks nice when the sun is shining, that is true: people were having their morning coffes outdoors, some others –like me– were having a walk and getting some sun 

even the swans and the seagulls had come out to enjoy the atmosphere!

And only this morning I've learnt about the festival: yes, lately my head has been busy in some other less important but more time-consuming issues and I haven't heard too much about events in Dublin... till this morning, when I saw the posters

So after my walk, I've come home and done a little bit of research. This is what I've found about the festival in visitdublin (the official online tourist office for Dublin):

And then, I've gone to the official Festival web page and looked for the program, which you can see bu clicking here.

The event will start at 10:00am both days, and well, some of the activities scheduled are very attractive. For instance, I wouldn't like to miss the Gibson Hotel Duck Races that will take place on Sat and Sun at 3pm. I'll buy a couple of ducks for the kids (and a couple for me) and will do everything I can to win the race! Check it out:

There are many more interesting things to do/see/taste/enjoy, so, if I were you, I wouldn't miss it!

See you there

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