Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bavaria City Racing Dublin (3rd June, 2012)

As you can see in our about page, I am the only female member of the family and the only one who thinks that my life is not over if I miss one of the races of the F1 season (my youngest son still thinks like me... we don't know yet if he'll change his mind about F1 when he gets a little bit older).

So you can imagine how excited the majority of this family is about the BAVARIA CITY RACING  event that will take place in Dublin on Saturday 3rd June. Jenson Button is driving his F1 car in Dublin! and Heikki Kovalainen, and Vitaly Petrov!!!! wooooow. I have to admit that I'm also looking forward to seeing them racing here (just a little bit :-)) after watching the races on the TV for soooo many years.

It will start on Sat at 12pm and will finnish at around 5pm, and it is a FREE event for everybody who'd like to go the city circuit that will be arranged on the day for the event. This is the map, that I've copied from the event web:

Of course, if you want to take a closer look to the cars, the drivers and everything else around them, you can buy a ticket; they're not very cheap (from 75 EUR to 163 EUR, depending on the area), but I'm sure many people would happily pay to live the experience!

If you are interested to take the kids (or maybe you are the one wanting to go!), take a minute to visit their web and read about the other activities planned for the Sunday afternoon, including Superbikes, Super cars, Touring cars, Formula 2, WRC and drifters.

Still a week to go, but some works are already being carried out in the area, so everything is prepared on the big day.

If you decide to go, we'll see you there!

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