Friday, 13 April 2012

Cabinteely Park (Dublin 18)

Among the things we absolutely love about Dublin is the number of fantastic parks and playgrounds there are everywhere inside the city, close to the city and also further away but still within the limits of Co Dublin.

The park I'm going to talk about is in Cabinteely, in Dublin South; in fact its name is Cabinteely Park (easy to remember!) and it's located just outside the city (Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown City Council).

This public park was created in the 1970's and it's a portion of the lands that immediately surrounded Cabinteely House. It has a surface of approx 45 ha.

I have to say it's worth paying a visit to the park. It is huge, fantastically well maintained, with nice walks, a superb playground and it even has a dog area where your dog can run freely (unleashed) and socialize with other dogs, while you socialize with other dog owners :-)

We do not have a dog but, as you know, we have two kids so we know the playground very well. And it's one of the best ones we know of in Dublin.

Lots of attractions, specifically designed for different age groups (under 5, 6-12 and teens):
Very original "devices" I hadn't seen in any other playground, like the diggers in the sand pit (see the video below). Of course, you can also find the army-style circuit, that is quite common in big playgrounds and the multi-person swing, that we've already seen in other Dublin playground areas.

As a summary, we couldn't recommend it more! We go there quite often. I have put some of our pictures together so you can have a clear idea of what you'll see if you visit the park. I hope you like the video:

DON'T GET LOST! This is the map:

Ver Cabinteely Park en un mapa más grande

Hope you visit the park and just fall in love with it. Tell us all about the experience when you get back home!

Have a lovely weekend

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