Sunday, 27 May 2012

Beautiful Ireland - Sunday picture

Hi all,

Just decided to open a new section in this blog called "Beautiful Ireland - Sunday picture": every Sunday I'll post a picture of Ireland (or, like in this case, a photo montage) of a part of Ireland where we've been, that we've just loved

Every corner of this island has its beauty, but some of them are spectacular. This is the case of the place that I'll show you today, to start this section: SLIEVE LEAGUE MOUNTAINS in Co. Donegal, a place that shouldn't be missed. Yes, it is true that the Cliffs of Moher are far more popular, but the Slieve League are just as beautiful.

We went there some months ago. The day was grey and foggy and we were a bit sad because we thought we wouldn't enjoy the views that much, but it turned out that the place also looks fantastic when the sun is not shining.

I hope you agree when you see the video:

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