Saturday, 29 January 2011

Where do fish? Taste of the Sea in D9

Since we arrived in Ireland, I've been looking for stores in Dublin where to buy good fish (fresh or frozen, but good).

So until last week we used to go to Howth every now and then and buy fish in Wrights of Howth (top quality fresh fish!). Last week we've found another great place: TASTE OF THE SEA in Glasnevin, right opposite the cementery entrance.

The place looks fantastic. Incredibly clean and organized; the staff is very friendly and prices are very reasonable. They sell mostly frozen fish, but you can also find a great variety of sauces and some conserves. I bought shrimps, monkfish and tuna - great taste! I cooked the monkfish following a recipe that I was given in the store (you can take home lots of recipes of how to cook the fish you buy there, isn't it a great idea?).

If your driving there, do not worry about parking: the store is located right beside LIDL and they share LIDL's car park (free, of course).

I hope you have the chance to visit Taste of the Sea and send your comments!

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