Friday, 31 December 2010

Hobarts: a perfect place for a Sunday brunch in D6

Last Sunday we went to Ranelagh for brunch....

We love the area and have tried some of the retaurants and cafes there. Without a doubt, our first choice for breakfast/brunch is Hobarts (55, Ranelagh Village).

The place is rather narrow and full of tables so impossible to fit a buggy there, but they DO have high chairs (those which can be fixed to regular chairs so the babies are seated a bit higher and can properly reach the table) if you're taking your baby or young children with you. It's also a bit noisy, but in a nice way, not annoying. I'd like to make clear that if you're looking for a relaxing, zen-type place, then you shouldn't choose Hobarts....

The kitchen is at the bottom of the restaurant, and everybody can see the cooks working without stop to prepare the meals.

About the menu - the choice is quite impressive:

My oldest son would surely recommend the pancakes, which are served the American way: crepe type pancakes with sausages, bacon, hashbrowns plus tea or coffee

My husband usually asks for the Jumbo breakfast, with bacon, sausage, egg, pudding (black+white), beans, hashbrown, chips, mushrooms plus tea or coffee

My recommended choice is the omelette (I love both the brunch omelette and the veggie one), prepared with 3 eggs and full of delicious things inside and served with chips, a little bit of salad and tea or coffee:

But if you don't like any of the above, you could order a bowl of porridge with a bit of honey, or a traditional continental breakfast (choice of croissant, danish or bagel with orange juice and tea or coffee), a panini or a wrap......

I would say that the menu covers almost all tastes, and what you get is really good (both quality and quantity) for the price you pay.

We've already taken several friends and relatives to Hobarts for brunch and they all loved the place. It's not just the food, it's also the atmosphere which makes it so special.

What I don't like so much about it: the toilets, which are located just outside the restaurant door and then upstairs - not very handy...although very clean.

If you decide to try it don't forget to bring some cash with you, as they do not accept cards! ahhhh, and don't forget to post a comment in our blog....

Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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