Tuesday 21 July 2020


It's been a very long year... especially since lockdown. So summer has been most welcomed! Even if it means staycations for most of us, it is still great news to take a break from homeschooling, remote working, online shopping and non-stop Netflix watching (and I loove Netflix! it's been a life saver in the past months).

So if you are staying in Dublin for part of your holiday and the weather is reasonable, here is an idea of a morning out that won't require much: a visit to Irishtown Nature Park.

To get there, I suggest you take the route from Sandymount Strand: it starts beside the new playground @ Sean Moore Park. There is no way you will miss the path:

You just have to follow it and enjoy the journey

If you take your dog, I'm sure you'll have to stop a couple of times as he'll want to try the water!

  In no time, you'll see the sign:

And here you have two options:

-Take the route to the right of the sign, closer to the sea, with lovely views of Sandymount
-Take the route to the left of the sign, a bit wilder and greener

We took the "greener" one to get to Poolbeg beach and the coastal one to come back, so we wouldn't miss anything.

Any route you take, prepare your camera, because you'll want to take pictures of everything!

As you get closer to the chimneys, you'll see Poolbeg beach from the distance. If you are lucky and the sun is shining, the views are stunning!

Go down to the beach because the sand is actually quite good, and it is lovely to sit for a snack or go for a walk closer to the water. The beach is so spacious that every time I go, I experience a rare sensation of freedom.... and so does my dog, who goes crazy playing around.

The way back is as easy and as beautiful!

After you get to the starting point, and if your kids are not tired, you can take them to the new playground in Sean Moore Park or maybe for a bite in Sandymount: so much choice!

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