Saturday 28 September 2019

When wandering around in Dublin, look up!

Saturday at last! Best day of the week.

So just because it's weekend, and because it's not raining now (yet), and because it's almost October and just because I like you very much 😊, I am going to give you a very important and free piece of advice that you will not find in any tourist guide book:


I know, I know... now you are thinking: ?????!!!

Well yes! Many of the street lights / lamp posts in this city are just works of art, really.

Yes, we just see them as part of the city's furniture and barely notice them... and we are missing so much!

Some months ago, I was reading in different local websites that DCC had a 12 month plan to upgrade the city's public street lighting. This upgrade would include replacing some modern street lights with "heritage columns/luminaires" (the old-style ornate ones). Fantastic!

I also learnt that some of the most iconic lamp posts even have names – usually the names of the foundries where they were manufactured.

So you have probably seen a few "Large Hammond Lanes" (my favourites!) around the city centre and along the canal:

These were manufactured in Dublin by Hammond Lane

But I am sure you have also noticed a few "Ballantine columns", with a heavier decoration (more shamrocks and tendrils and leaves...) but still really worth a close look:

The double ones are something else, don't you think?

Ballantine columns were manufactured in Scotland.

The lamp posts of the O'Connell bridge are just fantastic

But please do not miss the ones on Grattan bridge with the hippocampus at the base (we should talk further about this bridge... maybe in another post!)

Or, of course, the ones on Ha'penny bridge are difficult to forget

Countless other examples: just thinking about the ones just outside the City Hall on Dame Street

or along the Liffey:

The list is long, very long. So follow my advice: look up and check those lights because they are part of Dublin's beauty.

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