Friday 13 July 2018

Hazel House Cafe (Tibradden) - Impossible not to like it!

Not a secret for our followers (not many, but very loyal!)  that we love finding new cafés for breakfast/brunch in or around Dublin... we have written several posts about some of our favourite options.

Photo taken @ 3fE

Nordic style or more rustic, to relax or to recharge your batteries, to enjoy traditional food or with a super healthy menu, with amazing eclectic decoration or minimalist... The number of different (but beautiful) family friendly cafés and restaurants has grown exponentially in Dublin in the past years - impossible to visit them all!

Some months ago I asked some Spanish mums living in Dublin which were their best choices and, of all their recommendations, there is one that we really, really REALLY liked: The Hazel House Café in Tibradden:

the exact location is indicated in the map below:

The place is a gem:

- The food is good! In the menu you'll find a combination of traditional dishes with healthier options (good enough for my family!)

- The staff is really nice (very much appreciated!)

- The location, in the Dublin mountains, is fantastic (nice to leave the city from time to time, specially when it's sunny and warm!).

...And there are enough parking spaces, so don't have to worry about where you'll park the car!

- For the spring/summer: you can eat outside. They have a lovely terrace, and pets are welcome (BTW, the café is located only a few minutes away from the DSPCA)

Each table is different and the decoration, both outside and inside the café is lovely

- You can celebrate kids birthday parties and there are also woodwork classes for adults and children

Our last visit took place only a few days ago: the sun was shining and we were able to enjoy our breakfast in one of the outdoor tables... loved it!

Hope you pay them a visit: you'll like the place as much as we do!

Aaaand, guess what!? Marlay Park is just a stone's throw away - you can go to Marlay for a lovely walk (the playgrounds are just fantastic!) after your breakfast at Hazel House and, believe me - your day will be complete!

One last thing... I guess you've noticed not all photos were taken with the same camera... but all of them were taken by us! just wanted to show you as clearly as possible how the place looks like, so I hope you now have a good idea of what you'll find! We will get better with the quality of our photography, I promise ;-)

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