Sunday 28 October 2012

Sunny Saturday in Marlay Park (Dublin 16)

So many nice parks in Dublin... and the weekends are soooo short! Sometimes it´s difficult to choose where to go.

A couple of weeks ago we had a sunny and warm weekend (probably one of the last ones of the year) and we chose to go to Marlay Park in Rathfarnham (address and map in this link)

Huge park where the kids can take the bikes or the scooters, play with the ball, run around without any problem (the park is so big that there´s space for everybody). 

There is one fantastic playground, football pitches, tennis courts, a golf course, GAA pitches, and even a miniature train -amazing offer for all tastes.

The other day the kids took their bikes and the ball to play a little bit.

While they were playing, I went to see the market, that is open every Saturday and Sunday in the House courtyard - I love the atmosphere there, always so full of life...and the colours!

The morning passed very quickly. The kids were cycling and playing with the ball for a long time and Dad and myself had some time to enjoy the autumn sun (not very warm, but really bright).

When they got tired, we bought some crepes and  sat down at one of the wooden tables spread across the park. The crepes were fantastic... we were very humgry, that is true, but they were very good.

Then Dad and I went to buy a cup of tea  to the coffe house at the entrance of the Regency gardens (inside the park): a nice little cafe, perfectly located at the entrance of this lovely garden. If you want to visit the Regency Gardens, my advise would be: go in the afternoon, get a cup of coffee or tea to take away in the cafe and go for a walk in the garden: the afternoon light is fantastic, and the walls around it protect it from uncomfortable winds, so it´s very pleasant.

Time went by so quickly that we didn't have time to go to the playground or take the miniature train this time. We'll have to come back soon and take some pictures to show you, because the playground is for my two little experts one of the best in town!

If you don't know Marlay Park, go and visit it - I'm sure you won't be deceived!

 As promised, soon a second part of this post. Have a lovely bank holiday

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