Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tasting the best donuts in Dublin (with the best donutology experts!)

Some weeks ago I wrote a blog post about our favourite spots in Dublin to have a cup of coffee... because in the past couple of years the number of nice new independent cafés in and around the city has grown exponentially - there always seems to be a new one around the corner, which is fantastic: the more, the merrier!

(3fE Dublin)

I see a similar increasing tendency in other areas... one of them is clearly the amount of spots where you can buy donuts in town.

We have a hugely recognised DONUTOLOGY expert in the family (donutology: the science/art of actively and willingly searching, finding, tasting and testing donuts with an objective mind and a neutral point of view) . He's 10 years old but he knows almost everything there is to know about these round treasures and is always asking us to take him to any new donut shop that opens in town.

Based on his input, and on that of his brother, who is training hard to acquire his older brother's well worked expertise, we have made a list of the best donuts in Dublin (that we know of!) which includes:

- Off- Beat Donuts: hard to beat! The choice is outstanding - they seem to have a donut for every single taste, no matter how specific. Always fresh! Not expensive. Can be bought in different stores in Dublin (not only their own stores but also in some Fresh supermarkets), which is very convenient when you're moving around with kids

- Krüst Bakery: perfect location on George's street - comes very handy when you're doing some family shopping with the kids in the city centre and they get tired after... two and a half minutes (and that is when they are patient!). Donuts are very good according to the "experts" who also strongly recommend trying the cronuts from Krüst (half croissant, half donut - who wouldn't want to try????)

- The Rolling Donut: again so many flavours to try, it's hard to make up your mind when the shop attendant is waiting  and you need to pick just three jewels from the whole treasure chest in a matter of seconds... the pressure is high, I can assure you! Also in this case, they sell in three different locations (see here). The one from the picture is the store located opposite St Stephen's Green shopping center, beside Gaiety Theatre.

- Aungier Danger: Open everyday in two different locations in Dublin  - Big donuts (in size and taste!) with super attractive names that make you think that if a chocolate donut filled with custard cream is called "the Dublin death trap" -which makes it sooo much more attractive- why couldn't I call a dish of grilled cod with spinach on side... "the inflatable bed lost in the jungle" or a dish of runner beans "the radioactive alien worms" which sound so much fun to eat... and and save the world!

The other day we decided to try them all "blindly" and see which one we really liked the most... We bought donuts from these four super-favourite stores

The kids did not know where the donuts on each plate came from and prepared their tools: a glass of milk, a pen and a notebook to write their evaluation (they took the test very seriously!)

All the donuts were warmly applauded! This is how it went and the winners: 

Happy to hear your thoughts about your favourite ones!

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  1. Rolling Donut is our go to spot whenever we're in Dublin! My daughter loves the mini Nutella ones with marshmallows.