Monday, 12 June 2017

Father's day again.... a few present suggestions you may want to consider!

Father's Day next weekend... again!!!

For us it's always rather difficult to find the right present for Dad. It has to adjust to our budget and still be special enough, so he feels he's as important to us as he really is!

This year we celebrated Father's Day a bit earlier than the on official day (in Spain, Father's Day is celebrated in March and Dad's birthday was in April so we chose to celebrate everything last weekend). 

And only this time, Dad received a few more presents than usual  - he loved them all! and I believe each one of them is a great present by itself, that is why I would like to talk to you about them:

- If there is NO budget, but a bit of work for the kids: 

A family picture hand made by the boys

This year they made the picture with rocks they collected at the beach and the lid of a shoe box, and put a lot of imagination and effort... The end result was perfect!

Keep looking at it and I think my head is a bit to the left? and my hair looks weird... but the boys say I look exactly as in the pic (OMG, should I be concerned?????). Anyway, this kind of presents is always very well received and Dad was super happy with it!

- If the kids decide to open their piggy banks and spend their own money in the present for Dad (so LOW BUDGET, but fantastic results expected): 

A personalised hand made gift is what you are looking for.

This time the present chosen were two luggage tags from, beautifully presented and personalised with the names of the boys and the year when Dad became a Father... fantastic present for a very affordable price that Dad really appreciated. Total success!!

We chose the luggage tags this time, but there are fantastic items to choose from at their site, and every single one of them is very special, perfectly finalised to the highest standards by the team at

If you decide to buy any of their products through their website, do not forget to provide the discount code MAKEITFORDAD17 and a 20% discount will be applied to your purchase (code expires Tuesday 13th June at midnight, so you still have some time!!!)

- Higher budget required, so the kids would need help from mum: 

Dad received one present of this kind as well this year: a Dublin helicopter scenic tour from

Not as affordable as the first two presents I recommended, it is still not critically expensive and for sure a winner: don't fully understand what it is with men and vehicles of any kind, but any present that is related to a tour in any vehicle has many chances of success, and this case was not different. Dad was super happy and is already planning the  tour day ;-)

- Once-in-a-decade-budget type of present: 

It is not the usual yearly present... It's something more special. But Dad was very good this year and it was the prefect time to spend the money

Light and fast, no physical effort needed and no fuel required. He can forget abut parking spaces and he won't contaminate the atmosphere. When folded, the thing becomes very compact and light, easy to carry around... 

So here are the 4 presents I am recommending to you. I believe you could find at least one that suits both your needs and your budget.... let me know if you do and how it goes! 

And remember: if you want to avail of the 20% discount in, using the code MAKEITFORDAD17, place your orders before Tuesday 13th June!

And I hope you really enjoy next Father's Day!

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