Saturday, 8 April 2017

Pokemon Go is a good thing after all!

I was not very impressed when my son started playing Pokemon Go on the brand new phone that he got for Christmas... I could imagine him glued to that small screen for hours on end.

Now, after three months, I need to admit that it has some advantages as well: I get to take him with me when I go for a walk in the mornings (during the weekend). Specially when it's sunny, like today (such a beautiful day!), we enjoy our mutual company very very much

We went for a walk early this morning... He talked about school and his friends while he was chasing the little creatures and I just listened and followed: "Mum, let's take the next right" or "mum, would you mind walking along the canal? there are many pokemons around that I do not have yet..."

Had the chance to sit down for a fantastic coffee while he was hunting them down

Even had a chat with Kavanagh (about the weather, of course):
- Nice morning, isn't it?
- Indeed, my friend. Happy hunting!
- Thanks Mr Kavanagh :-)


Since he got the new phone he's also starting to be interested in photography! Hope he can teach me one day...

So, you see? Pokemon Go is an absolute must when you're willing to strengthen family bonds... make the most out of it!


  1. I found this with the teen when it first came out. He'd go walking to clock up the km'south needed to hath his Egg.
    We'd actually talk by comparing what Pokémon we had found and where.

    Living in rural Ireland though we swiftly got disenchanted with the fact it was the same ones all the time.

    1. Thanks for your comment! We try to choose different areas for our walks, so the creatures are different... for the moment, this seems to be working! :-) BTW: love your blog!