Tuesday, 18 April 2017

A fantastic day just outside Co. Dublin

Greystones, Co. Wicklow... oooh, that sounds so far away! "Not even in Co. Dublin?? Let's look for a spot that is closer to Dublin" you might think. Well, let me tell you: You would be wrong!

Greystones is in County Wicklow, yes, but quite close to Dublin - you can easily get there from the city centre by public transport, no problem:

- If you prefer the bus, you can check route 84x
- If you live close to a DART station, dart is a good option for you as well

and totally worth a visit, believe me

A few days ago we decided to go to Greystones with the kids. No specific intentions, just walk around, have something to eat (the number of great cafes and restaurants in the village is amazing!) and enjoy the fresh breeze at the beach.

This time we drove, and so glad we did!!! because we made a stop on our way to Greystones: we stopped in Delgany, to have some breakfast at the Firehouse Bakery

I have to stop here... silence (zen moment)...  I sigh and try to remember the smells, the tastes @ the Firehouse Bakery ☺ Aaaaagh! such a pleasure for all the senses!

I loved the place, because for me it's the triumph of simplicity: no need for complicated stuff to offer a super breakfast - just good quality, good taste  and I assume also a huge amount of love for what you do. The moment we walked in the bakery we fell in love with the pastries and breads displayed on the counter, and did not even check the  breakfast menu. 

Our stop was not long, but I am sure we will be back!

Greystones is only a few kilometers away from Delgany so we arrived at our final destination only a few minutes afterwards.

As we had already had breakfast, we did not look for any cafe to seat down and enjoy a good brunch, we just went up the main street checking the shops, the new cafes, stopped to buy some sweets (we ALWAYS stop to buy sweets everywhere we go)

But if you would like to grab something to eat before your walk, the number of good cafes on the main street or literally beside the main street is great:

Including the super popular The Happy Pear. We would really love to try it one day, but we know we'll need to get there very early, as the place is always busy

What we did is buy some ice cream (bye bye to the weight watching project that I had just started!) at this ice cream parlour that looks directly taken from Barbie's wonder world, doesn't it?

Our absolute favourite in Greystones is the beach, and there is no need for explanations when you see it so we spent most of our afternoon there, stone skipping and running around: super plan!

Back to the car and to Dublin in the afternoon after some hours of enjoying good food, good walks, good sea breeze and good exercise.... visiting the area is definitely GOOD!

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