Saturday, 7 March 2015

Another great discovery: Peacock Green Cafe (different locations in Dublin)

Some months ago, someone -who knows us well- told us about a new cafe in the city center, more specifically on Lord Edward Street, opposite Christchurch cathedral (Dublin 2). The name of the new cafe: Peacock Green. We were told it was small, but very tastefully decorated and that it was perfect for a coffee and a pastry. 

Needless to say, we went to visit the place the following weekend: we had gone for a walk to Temple Bar in the morning and Peacock Green was only two minutes away - perfect location!

From the outside the place looks really charming: a mixture of an old bookshop, a vintage store and a traditional bakery...mmmmmh!!!???? I'm sure you'll agree when you see the pictures.

I was really impressed with the decoration, also inside the cafe. That is no doubt a nice touch and makes a difference compared to many other cafes in the city (I know, the most important part is the quality of the food and drink, but the looks should also be taken into account, don't you think?)

The place is very small: you order downstairs, 

but if you want to sit down and rest while you enjoy your coffee, you'll have to go upstairs, where there is a cozy (but also little) dining area with just a few small tables.

We tried a bit of everything: the coffee was very good and so was the hot chocolate, the scones and the pastries. I loved the plates and mugs...

The cafe easily passed our "super, super tough" test and we're happy to recommend it! If you're in the area and you feel like a break... this is your place :-)


We were so happy with this experience that a couple of weeks ago we went to have breakfast to another Peacock Green cafe, this time on Merrion Road, beside Elm Park, very close to St Vincent's Hospital (Dublin 4)

This one is bigger than the one on Lord Edward Street. There is even a car park for customers!

We had proper breakfast this time and, as usual we tried a bit of everything: 

Full Irish breakfasts (with scrambled and poached eggs: good!

French toasts with grilled pear and caramelized nuts: amazingly good!

Porridge: good!

And the usual tea, coffee and hot chocolate (hard to go wrong with the tea, but  we liked the coffee and the chocolate). The plates and mugs are also very charming

Something we had never seen before: all the tables have a "device" to call the waiter (so you do not have to wait when you want to order, you need another cup of tea or just would like someone to bring you the bill). I do not believe waiters are happy with kids playing around with the buttons though... but they are so tempting!

Again, all the rooms are very nicely decorated, I fell in love with the floor tiles!

One last but important tip: do not go between 11:30 and midday!. They won't serve you breakfast (as they stop serving breakfasts at 11:30h) but they won't serve you lunch (as they start serving lunch at 12:00h).... mmmmmh!

As summary, we're definitely adding Peacock Green (the two locations we've visited) to the list  of recommendable cafes/restaurants in Dublin :-)

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