Sunday, 18 January 2015

In Donnybrook - With the new year, we've discovered new places to have a lovely meal with the kids (I)

Happy New Year!!!

Still trying to recover from the excess that the holidays brought: too much to eat, too little to sleep and no exercise at all! But totally worth it, wasn't it? :-)

But we cannot just stay home during weekends...we have to try new places! It's in our blood!!! So the other day, we went for a walk to Donnybrook with some relatives who were visiting and we found BAKERS:

Bakers is a charming place right in the heart of Donnybrook (Unit D 3, The Crescent, Dublin 4).

It's fresh, it's nice and full of light, and it has a lovely atmosphere. The place is quite big, so the tables are not too close to each other, and you have that comfortable feeling of space and no rush around you.

We tried different things from the menu: one of the kids tried the pancakes: they looked and smelled delicious and it took him only a few minutes to finish them - had not seen him eat so quickly in along time! :-)

The other kid had a Caesar salad: nicely presented: not too big or too small and definitely fresh!

Dad went for the basic option - Baker's special (Irish breakfast at its best): difficult to be wrong with that choice

More than an hour went by without even noticing. We ate, we drank, we had a lovely conversation...even had a second coffee and ordered some pastries that were on the counter, "watching" us.

The place, the food, the atmosphere...everything contributed to a fantastic family time!!!

Could not recommend it more :-)


  1. Da gusto veros a todos! qué grandes están los niños, y que sitio más chulo para tomarnos un café juntos!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, BAKERS is perfectly recommendable!!!