Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Viking Splash Tours - SERIOUS FUN for the whole family

Doesn't matter if you're a local or a foreigner, there is always something new to discover about the place where you live....

But having young kids, you can forget about the traditional way of discovering these hidden gems: the tourist bus? listening to a tape of someone who sounds dangerously similar to their teacher at school? a museum here, a church there, the house where someone important was born? if that someone is not Batman, or Ninja Turtles, who cares? the "traditional tourist" plan that could sound attractive to adults sounds boooooring for kids, at least for mine.

Well, we've found a solution! in Dublin!!! It's fun, FUN (with capital letters) being a tourist, learning about cathedrals, museums and houses of famous people could become a great plan for kids, teenagers and adults in our own Dublin.

The solution... very very easy: tell the kids that they are vikings, give them the corresponding hats

let them roar every now and then (one, two, three....ROAAAAARRRRRR), and they are the happiest people on earth. 

This is what the people from VIKING SPLASH TOURS have done. Make tourist tours enjoyable for everyone in the family. Let them discover the funny side of Dublin's history, art, architecture - because there is always a funny side or everything, and you'll be impressed of the things the kids will remember (my oldest son, who's seven knows and tells everybody that Tom and Jerry are in Christchurch Cathedral... you'll understand when you take the tour!)

The people from VIKING SPLASH TOURS do not drive a bus: that would be too traditional. They use DUKWs: amphibious vehicles from World War II (woow), all bright and yellow, so part of the tour is on land and a little part on the water the canal (a bigger wooow!). (The picture below is taken from their facebook page - I hope they forgive me for that! Just wanted to show you how original the DUKWs are):

The driver of the vehicle is dressed like a real viking, and convinces everyone in the group that they are also vikings and should shout whenever required... and there we are, roaring at the poor people on the Dublin streets and laughing our heads off when we see their terrified faces

The tour around the city is quite complete, you won't miss any of the important monuments or buildings. It lasts approx 1:30h, starts and finishes @ St Stephen's Green and is run only in English. It is not very cheap, I have to say, but I totally recommend doing it at least once. I also strongly recommend you to book in advance, either via their website or calling them.

We've already done it twice: both times we took some relatives who were visiting us in Dublin with their kids, and they were amazed! It's a very original way of having a first contact with Dublin:

Regarding the age of the kids: my youngest kid was not even three the first time we did the tour and he enjoyed it more than anybody else in the group - he was not scared at all when we went on the water (I thought he might be). The life vest was bigger than him but he was delighted with the idea of taking the "big car" on the water :-).

Ahhh! One last thing - Do not tell anybody, but adults also get a bit "wild" when they are allowed to roar and release all that adrenaline: a fantastic anti-stress therapy)

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