Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mexican fast (but very good!) food in Dublin: Pablo PIcante & Pablo Tortas

My husband was born in Mexico (you probably know by now if you have read my previous posts). 

Over the years I've learnt that all foreigners miss the food of their countries of origin, but Mexicans... they miss it even more! At least the Mexicans I've met over the past 15 years.

That is why my husband was so so happy when we first tried "Pablo Picante" on Baggot Street. Big burritos to go, prepared as you order them with good quality ingredients: chicken, beef, pork, vegetables... everything tastes really good and (most important): the girls were Mexican!!!! 

The kids love the burritos from Pablo Picante so it's always one of the first options in our list when we want food to go (you know those days when your fridge is empty, it's late and you cannot even face the idea of going to Tesco and buy something to cook, because you're hungry and tired and the kids are even hungrier.... those are the days I'm talking about). Or cinema days: we go to the cinema at midday - we've had a big breakfast, so right after the movie on our way home, we stop there for a very late lunch (or very early tea): mmmmmh! the burritos taste like heaven then.

One day, a few months ago, we went to get some burritos to go and the girl behind the counter told us about Pablo Tortas on Clarendon Market, very close to St Stephen's Green; we decided we should give it a try (Tortas means sandwiches in Mexican).

And we tried it last week: it was my sons' first day at school, and I took the day off at work to collect them - I had promised them we would go to buy a brand new lunch box for each in the afternoon so after school we headed directly to Stock Design, on South King Street, opposite St Stephen's Green shopping center (I'll have to talk to you about this shop one day... it's amazing!), When the lunch boxes were bought, we thought about trying Pablo Tortas, literally around the corner : a total success!

The place is very similar to Pablo Picante: small, with a big table in the middle and some smaller tables upstairs, they also have some tables outside... everything very clean, but nothing really outstanding about the decoration. You go to the counter, ask for the food you want and they prepare it: a McDonald's type of ordering

But the sandwiches... the sandwiches are great!!! They really are. Big, tasty and fresh, served on a wooden board. You can choose form a very big variety of ingredients: beef, pork, chicken mixed with salad, vegetables, black beans, chorizo.... such a great alternative to the traditional ham & cheese (not saying that ham & cheese are bad, but sometimes it's fun to colour it up a little).

they have some hot ones, if you like spicy food and not spicy for the kids (the other day mine had the chicken+chorizo+salad tortas that were delicious!)

We also ordered some nachos with guacamole, and the guacamole "disappeared" in minutes! My youngest kid ate it all. :-)

While we were having our sandwiches in the place I was thinking: wouldn't it be nice to go buy the sandwiches and take them to St Stephen's Green playground for a picnic? I'm telling you, it's a very good plan for a Sunday afternoon, before this fantastic summer of 2013 says its final goodbye.

Try them (burritos, tortas or both) and then tell us all about it!

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