Saturday, 15 September 2012

Having breakfast at Queen of Tarts Café

Queen of Tarts is a lovely little café... sorry: 2 lovely little cafés very close to each other.The original one is on Dame Street just opposite Cork Hill (the City Hall), and the other one is just around the corner, on Cow's Lane. See the map here.

It has a fantastic reputation among Dubliners, because of the GORGEOUS homemade cakes and desserts they prepare. We've ordered a couple of blackberry and apple crumbles (to take away) for birthdays and they are delicious.... just a little bit warm, with creammmmmm

Queen of Tarts café is a very special place, at least for me: the way it's decorated, the atmosphere, the lovely smell... when I walk in, I always have the feeling that we've gone back in time at least 30+ years, to my childhood, when I used to walk with my mum to the local confectionery. And when those memories come back, my mood automatically changes for the whole day :-)

It gets even better (the mood I mean), when we order breakfast: I always order the Vegetarian Breakfast, with mushrooms, egg, potato cakes, tomatos.... ummmmh! My husband is devoted to their Hearty Breakfast (very similar to the traditional Irish breakfast) and the kids prefer the Fruit Salad and the Scones.

A couple of weeks ago, we had some relatives visiting and decided to take them for breakfast to the local on Cows Lane.

It was a Saturday and it wasn't very late (around 10:30 am), but when we got there, the place was almost full (REMEMBER: the earlier you go, the better - it's a popular place!). The waitresses were very good and managed to seat us in a comfortable corner - not very big (the tables are not huge), but spacious enough for 5 adults and 2 children. This was our table when they brought the food: it may look like a mess, but we loved it! the mixture of smells was fantastic, and we had the chance to try a little bit of every dish. 

This time, I had the chance to notice those little details about the café that I like so much: there is a window leading to the kitchen so you can feel the energy of the cooks preparing the food,

I fell in love with the old enamel tea pot (I found it in Amazon UK!), the scale, the blackboards, the porcelain cups, saucers and plates....

So, you know by now that we love having breakfast @ The Queen of Tarts! I only see one little difficulty if you're going there with your baby: the place is not big, and taking the buggy can be "challenging", so I would recommend you to either leave the buggy in the car or have breakfast in the café's terrace (as you can see in the picture below, some families with babies (+ buggies) were seated outside:

If you decide to try this place (or you know it already), please let us know your opinion with a comment!

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