Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beautiful Ireland - Sunday picture

The place that I'm going to show you today was a complete surprise for me.

I was looking for a quiet child friendly spot to spend a long autumn weekend (it was my son's birthday and we wanted to have a special celebration).

So by accident I found Lough Key Forest Park (Co. Roscommon),

and it was a complete success!!!! The boys loved it.

It was also the first time we visited Co. Roscommon and the area is really nice and peaceful, with lots of places to visit and explore with the kids. We all felt that three days was not long enough to get to know this beautiful part of Ireland, so this is one (more) of the places on our "MUST COME BACK" list... (quite a big list already!).

If you've been there, tell us your experience, will you? 

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