Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Winnie's Craft Café in Booterstown

Yesterday morning my husband had some free time (very rare) and we decided to treat ourselves go to Winnie's for a nice cup of coffee and something to eat.

Winnie's is a craft café: a lovely yarn/crafts shop with a gorgeous little café at the back.

It's located in Booterstown. If you click the icon in the map below, you'll see the exact address:

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We've known it for some months and we like going there from time to time: it's nice, it's quiet, they serve good food and the shop is a paradise for knitting lovers like me (I always end up buying something).

The place is decorated with a lovely kind of retro style which makes it very welcoming, and it's full of nice details: yesterday, when we were at our table, I noticed that the flowers on each table are knitted!

And so is the sign of the door that leads to the toilets

Our breakfast was fantastic, and we came back home with a big smile in our face :-)

I remember I took some pictures of Winnie's last Christmas, when we went to have breakfast one morning with some Spanish relatives who were spending some days with us in Dublin. Here are the pictures - I hope you like them!

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