Saturday, 23 June 2012

Celebrating Father's Day in Andersons Creperie

It was Father`s Day last Sunday. The weather was horrible in the morning and we didn't feel like visiting any park or playground and get all wet and muddy, but we still wanted to do something special to celebrate such a special day...

My older son had an idea: "let's go somewhere to eat some crepes for breakfast!"

The moment he said so, we all thought about the same place: ANDERSONS CREPERIE in Drumcondra -Dublin 9: a fantastic café located here

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(Click on the "pancake icon" to see a picture and the exact address of the place)

The café is not very big, but it's nice and homely.

I love the small details: almost all the times we've been there, we've found a couple of small fresh flowers on our table...on all the tables.

The staff is very friendly and we've never had to wait long to order and to get our food.

The menu is quite complete. Of course, their specialties are the crepes, both sweet and savoury (made with buckwheat), which are fantastic, but you can also have all kinds of salads, soups, sandwiches, paninis, pastries, all kinds of cakes.... There is a kid's menu, which also includes sweet and savoury dishes. Prices are reasonable.

My older sone usually orders the nutella crepe (with or without marshmallows). I wanted to take a picture of it when the waitress brought it, but I was too slow!!!!

My younger kid prefers the savoury ones (called galettes) and this time he ordered the ham and cheese one, with salad on the side (he looooves salad). The galette is quite big, as you can see in the picture

We've never had problems getting a table when we go for breakfast but, as I said before, the place is not very big and always gets full by lunch time, so if you're planning to go for lunch, it would be advisable to get there not vey late if you do not want to wait...

To finish the post, some good news: free street parking on Carlingford Road!

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