Sunday, 17 June 2012

Café and Japanese Garden in Cabinteely Park (Dublin 18)

Here again talking about our favourite places to go with the kids. And this time it's also a beautiful café which is located inside Cabinteely Park.

Not long ago, I wrote a post about Cabinteely Park and playground: one of the best in Dublin. Even though we've known the park for quite some time, we only found out about its Café and Japanese Gardens a couple of weeks ago...

The park has two big entries: one on Bray Road (the one we normally use) and the other one on Park Drive, just beside St Brigid's Girls National School - this entrance is the main entrance and there are some free parking spaces for the park visitors...

If you drive to this last entrance on Park Drive, you won't miss this sign:

From the outside, this café looks just like an ordinary one: just a nice place to have a cup of coffee before a morning walk in the park,

but please, go to the back and you'll see the beautiful japanese garden they have. And if the day is sunny, you'll be able to enjoy some warm sunshine while you have breakfast:

It is very recommendable to arrive early -specially during the summer months when the weather is warmer- so you won't have problems getting a table outside.

Some weeks ago, we decided to have breakfast there and I took some pictures to show you this little gem: you like it? Hope you do!

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  1. amazing fun and it is free and it is also spectacular for both kids and adults