Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Avoca café in Kilmacanogue (Bray)

As I've said many times in older posts, we love discovering new places to have our Sunday breakfast.

We normally don't go out for dinner or lunch....only in very special occasions, but we really enjoy getting up early in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays and enjoy the peace and quiet, the weather (good or bad) and the smell of fresh coffee and yummy pancakes in one of the many many fantastic cafés spread all around Co Dublin.

One of our favourites is, without a doubt the AVOCA CAFÉ in Kilmacanogue (Bray): lovely food, fantastic terrace and garden and a beautiful shop inside (the shop is a bit expensive for my budget, I have to say, but I love looking around after breakfast).

The place is easy to find: exactly on the N11; please see the map below to get an idea of where it is. If you click on the cup of coffee, you'll see a picture of what you can see from the N11.

View Avoca in a larger map

Yes, it's not so close to the city, but if you don't have a car, or you just prefer not to drive, you can take the bus: Dublin bus route nr 145 will leave you at the Topaz station just outside the place.

It opens every day of the week (check the timetable here), but you'll have to get up early and be there in time to get a nice table outside (if the weather is nice, of course!). If the weather is not so good, do not worry because there are tables inside where you'll be able to enjoy your breakfast just as much.

When we go out for breakfast to any other place, I normally ask for the healthy option: fruit + yoghourt, or just fruit with a fresh orange juice... something light. Only when we go to Avoca Café I make exceptions, because the cakes there are spectacular!!! So this would be an example of what we have when we go there - just diet food :-)

Last Sunday, we decided to spend our morning there. The weather was not fantastic, but it wasn't raining either so we got up, had a quick shower and drove there. At 10:30am, the kids were already sitting at our outside table waiting for Dad, who was paying for our orders at the till of the self-service (there is also a restaurant area The Fern House Café, but we always go to the self-service area, called The Sugar Tree Café).

The cakes were really nice, and the kids finished early to go and play in the garden. 

They had brought a ball from home and they were kicking it and having some fun while Dad and myself relaxed while finishing our coffe, watching them from our table.

After an hour or so the place started getting busy and we decided to have a look around the shop 

and then go back home. Hadn't noticed before, but even the car park is nice! There are huge trees and flowers everywhere... 

So, as a summary: this is a must-see café. Don't miss it! Choose a sunny morning if you can, and after breakfast, go and explore the garden (and the shop afterwards).

Then, come back and tell us everything about it!

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