Saturday, 28 January 2012

Recent expat?? - Don't miss the 2012 Temple Bar Trad Fest

Good morning my dear readers,

Weekend again! We've got two complete days to relax and enjoy Dublin until ugly Mr Monday comes back again...  let's take the most out of our precious free time.

My best option for these two days: I have not a single doubt this weekend:

Today we could go for breakfast to one of my favourite cafés in town: The Queen of Tarts on Cow's Lane - in fact, they have two cafés, very close to each other: one is in Cow's Lane and the other one just round the corner, on Dame Street - I really enjoy the atmosphere there, and the smell... just sublime! I love going to The Queen of Tarts early, when it's cold outside, and feel / smell that warm feeling that welcomes you when you step in. I'll take my camera with me, so I can upload some pictures of the place in a future post.

After breakfast, we'll go for a walk, to let the fabulous home made cakes be digested  by our stomachs, and then directly into the heart of Temple Bar to enjoy the Trad Fest 2012.

Are you a recent expat in Dublin? (maybe you've been living here for less than a year or just a little bit more?), then you may not have heard of the Temple Bar Trad Fest: it's the best Irish music and dancing festival organised in Dublin. This will be their 7th year and the event is worth a visit.

If you're really interested in getting to know Irish traditions as soon as possible, check the programme, because you'll find a great offer of singers and dancers performing during this weekend (the festival started last Wednesday 25th Jan and will finish on Sunday 29th Jan).

I'm also an expat, so I'm still learning about traditional Irish music and dancing. That's why I don't want to miss this opportunity. There are also lots of free events on the street - I'm sure your kids will enjoy those (mine do!). Besides, Temple Bar is such a nice place for a lazy walk on a Saturday morning that I cannot imagine a better plan for the weekend...

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