Tuesday, 23 November 2010

I found the book!

We've been living in Ireland for almost four years now... my youngest son was born here and I can confirm that the Irish Maternity Care system is highly complicated.

I was lucky that my GP gave me some information about the path to choose: public, semi-private or private, and the consequences this choice would bring. The system is sooo different to what the Spanish one (much simpler for me).

I spoke to a lot of mums and mums-to-be (both Irish and expats) when I was pregnant and none of them could recommend me a good book/magazine/web site where I could get some information on this, so last week, when I read that the book "The mum's guide to having your baby in Ireland" by Lucy Taylor was published last October, I couldn't believe it! And even though I don't really need it now, I'm looking forward to take a look at it in detail, because I'm sure it's really interesting.

It was written by the journalist Lucy Taylor some years ago, when she was pregnant, so it's based on real experiences - much more interesting and realistic.

You'll get an idea of the contents of this book here:


As soon as I read it, I'll post my review here, in our blog.

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