Saturday, 16 January 2010

Our Phil&Teds buggy

Yes: we have a Phil&Teds too! they're so handy when you have two small children - definitely worth the money!

We bought the VIBE model because we thought it was the best model: not so heavy, quite narrow, easy to push, easy to clean..... Still now we think that we made the right choice, even though nobody told us about the tyres!

Nobody (neither in the shop nor in the forums we read) told us that the tyres used for the VIBE are not standard bicycle tyres (like the ones used for the rest of the models). So, last summer, one of them broke and we had to wait for TWO MONTHS to get a spare one! We tried different shops, with the same results as there is only one authorised distributor of P&T's products in Ireland. Probably we had bad luck and what happened to us is not "normal" but, just in case, if you (like us) are a new "VIBEr", do not forget to order a couple of spare tyres and have them at home, ready to be used.

In every other sense, the buggy is just fantastic and we're so happy we decided to get it - it's a great help and we couldn't do without it!

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