Monday, 4 June 2018

Relaxing walk from Sandymount strand to Poolbeg lighthouse

So many years in Dublin, and so many times I had heard that this walk was very nice and relaxing, with beautiful views... but only a couple of weeks ago I decided I would do it. And I loved it!

I had planned to start the walk @ Sean Moore Park, right beside Sandymount strand and then take the path that starts there towards the Poolbeg chimneys (the blue line in the map below):

I had also planned to do it very early in the morning (I was told that during sunrise and sunset the views are fantastic), so I chose one beautiful morning during the mid term break of the boys.

It all started perfectly!: Just before I left home (5:45am) I had a coffee on my terrace, looking at this (not bad to lift the spirit!):

Camera in hand, with my eyes full of sunrise and my heart full of wonder, I started my adventure.

What can I say about the path?:
  • Very easy (you do not need special footwear: just a pair of runners are perfect);
  • Suitable for older kids, maybe not for very young children, but I am sure my boys (9 and 11yrs) would do it without problems; There are parts of the trail that are not good for boogies, I am afraid, so if you're taking your little one, use the baby carrier ;-)
  • Very satisfying (I stopped a million times, to enjoy what I saw. Some of the benches are beautiful!)

The walk is approx 5 kms long and these are some the pictures I took along the way:

At the beginning

Some birds I saw (I believe they are oystercatchers, although I am not 100% sure)

One of the small beaches right before I reached the lighthouse (you can see it in the distance):

The lighthouse looks impressive from this point:

I had never been so close to the chimneys...

Back home before 10am (after a lovely cup of coffee in Sandymount village) to start another beautiful and sunny day :-) I do not want the summer to end!!!!!

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