Friday, 8 December 2017

Christmas @ Farmleigh

Christmas is only around the corner!

I guess all families have their own Christmas traditions: those things you do every year when Christmas spirit starts invading us all....

Well, we also have a few traditions, and one of them is going to Farmleigh:

Farmleigh is a special corner of Dublin all year round, but in Christmas.... that special something becomes magic!

The lovely paths, the trees, the stalls, the house, the café, Santa himself!!! I could go on and on because the list is long :-)

Our routine is always the same when we visit Farmleigh for Christmas: First we head to the Christmas Market (impossible to miss!):

we look around, buy some bread, or a lovely wreath, a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate...

Then we explore: walk around with no specific direction, just enjoying the festive atmosphere. Usually kids take the ball and play around a little bit while we go for a longer walk.

Then, when the cold temperatures start "acting" from our feet up, we go to the Boathouse café, sit outside (yes, traditions need to be followed!) and order some soup, sandwiches, tea... whatever makes us feel warmer. 

(these are the kids in 2012!, also outside)

We eat and feed the ducks at the same time ;-) 

Some years ago we even had the chance to listen to Christmas carols while having lunch and meet Santa in person!!!

Once we are happy and warm, we slowly walk towards the car: I love it when the daylight starts slipping away, and the street lamps are lit: this even gives the place a more Christmassy feel.

At around 4:30 our day @ Farmleigh is finished.

You see? Very simple, but there are many activities organised for kids here: Story telling, puppet shows, Christmas Carols singing, guided tours of the house.... You can check all events here.

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