Monday, 30 October 2017

Nice walk for the whole family... and very close to Dublin - Ticknock Forest

Ticknock Forest is without a doubt one of the best places in Dublin to go for a family walk, specially during this time of the year!

-  Firstly because it's really close to Dublin

- Also because there are loop walks starting at the car park that are perfectly suitable for young kids (and small dogs), well signed and easy to follow. Everyone will get back to the car with a huge smile of satisfaction and still a bit of strength in their muscles to fully enjoy the moment. And the best part: they'll sleep like babies later on!!!!

- And, of course, because the colours are just amazing and the views from the top are so rewarding that you will forget about the little effort you have to make to get there, I assure you ;-)

Given that the weather has been kind this weekend, yesterday we decided to go to Ticknock Forest with some friends to walk the Fairy Castle Loop, which is approx 5.5km long and starts and ends in the Car Park (Green Trail waymarking).

The first part of the walk is a road, so even though you go up, your feet do not suffer because of the terrain. Not as fun as going through the woods, but easier, specially if the kids are very young

After a while you get to the fist view point: lots of "oooooh!"s and "aaaaah!"s, as well as dropped jaws when people arrive and see. The views never disappoint!

A family pic taken and we continue the walk. Pavement is gone and now the path gets more rocky, but still easy to follow for the youngest of the family. Also a bit steeper than before.

We stop once to eat some fruit and drink a little bit of water and continue our walk up. In no time we reach the top: we have finally arrived at the Fairy Castle.

I know, it is not that high - a bit more than 500m - but when you get to the top, you have the amazing feeling that you have conquered Mount Everest, I swear. The temperature is  a bit lower, the wind blows a bit harder and the trees disappear creating a more "alpine" atmosphere.... OK, still lots of people around, babies crying and dogs barking, but that instant of I MADE IT! is fantastic.

And then the pictures on top of the stone cairn to remember that moment forever.

By the way, only today I have learnt that this cairn is a collapsed passage tomb that dates back to the Bronze Age - one of several similar tombs that can be found in the area, so if you are interested in archeology, maybe this is the place to visit!

Back to the car the walk seems even easier.

We finished the loop in approx 2 1/2 hours, including our stops to take pictures and eat some fruit and had kids and dogs with us, so not bad at all.

Totally recommend Ticknock Forest and the the Fairy Castle Looped Walk. Why don't you try it today?

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