Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Jump Zone @ Sandyford (Dublin)

...And last weekend we HAD TO continue looking for fun activities for those rainy days (it was pouring down with rain and we did not want to stay home and get bored!)

We ended up @ Jump Zone, in Sandyford, that the kids already knew because they had been invited to a couple of birthdays there. See below how they spent the afternoon!:

This time, I do not have much more to write... It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, so I really hope that after watching the video you'll have a clear idea of how much kids (and adults!) enjoy @ Jump Zone. My boys couldn't stop talking about the experience on our way back home.

Just a few things not explained in the video: 
  • the place has a cafe with some tables so relaxed mums and dads can happily have a cup of tea and wait while the kids are improving their mortal jumps for next Olympics - no worries: they still have three years to practise! My advise would be to take a big bottle of water for the kids, because they are constantly moving and ask for water all the time.
  • we payed 12 EUR per kid per hour, but you can see a detailed price list in their site (the price depends on the day, the time and whether you have grip socks or you need to buy them there). Money well spent...
  • only kids older than 5 years can access. 
  • best of all: there are trampoline fitness classes for adults and they sound like a lot of FUN (in capitals). Besides, I was reading that an hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1,000 calories (three zeros!), so I think I am up for the challenge! See days, times and prices of the classes here 

If you do not know the place and your little monsters are older than 5, I do recommend you take them one day. You will not regret it 

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