Saturday, 22 April 2017

Looking for a good plan with the kids no matter the weather

Finally weekend is here! Now we have two long days ahead of us to relax enjoy and look for adventure :-)

My Friday evening routine is always the same: check and any other weather forecast site in order to know if we will have a lovely and sunny weekend to enjoy outdoors or a rainy (and also lovely!) couple of days ahead.

But (thank God there is a but!) there are some weeks that we do not worry so much, because there are excellent weekend plans that can go ahead no matter the weather, and this is the case of Rainforest Adventure Golf at the Dundrum Town Center

The place ticks many boxes (some of them are mandatory for our standards!):

  •  It's close to Dublin
  • Easy to reach even if we're using public transport (LUAS is the perfect way to get there)
  • We can use the Dundrum Town Center parking if we decide to take the car
  • Keeps them entertained for a good couple of hours
  • There is a cafe in the premises, so we can relax afterwards (normally everybody gets very excited when we reach the last holes....) with a nice cup of tea, an ice cream or a snack

So if you do not feel like playing and you are letting Dad deal with them solo just this once, you can relax for a while...

The two courses available are easy enough for the kids to have the chance to win, even if their skills are not... "fully developed" yet so they do not get frustrated when they play

and the decoration is great -  as you go along you have the feeling that you are walking deep into the jungle: all the noises, the animals (they look real!), the colours...

One thing I liked compared to other similar places is that the balls have different colours so nobody fights over whose ball is the one closest to the hole (haven't you had that argument when you play crazy golf with he family or is it only that my kids are a bit too competitive and have a lousy memory???).

Regarding the price: if you want to play both courses, the price is a bit high, but get there before noon and you'll be able to avail of the 2 for 1 offer: play the 2 courses for the price of one (offer available on the date this post has been written - April 2017). There are some other offers available in their website - check them out!

So if you look up at the sky this morning and you're unsure about the surprises that Irish weather will bring today, maybe you could give Rainforest Adventure Golf a try - I'm sure the kids (and the adults!) will love it!

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