Sunday, 22 September 2013

KC Peaches - Our favourite cafe on Pearse Street (Dublin 2)

Without a doubt: KC Peaches on Pearse Street is our favourite and most visited cafe in the area! and we know quite a few.... How haven't I written about it before???

Well, better late than never! Let's talk about KC Peaches today

To us it ticks all the important boxes:

* It opens on Saturdays (10:00 a.m.) and Sundays (11:00 am)
* It's very clean and tidy
* It's really spacious. No problems to bring in the buggy and other kids "vehicles": scooters, small bikes, tricycles and all those indispensable devices that we carry around everywhere we go, together with the helmets helmets, of course!

* The menu is quite complete. They also have kids menu... a good kids menu (my older kid loves the banana pancakes!)

* Prices are reasonable
* Important: It's a "no-rush" cafe: if we go there with other parents+kids, we take our time - breakfast, coffee, good relaxed conversation.... we've never felt that uncomfortable feeling of "you need to go now" that sometimes waiters make you have in other cafes - that doesn't happen here at all

* Children are very welcome!: they can move around without being a pain to other customers, and during weekends it is very common to see families having breakfast/brunch

About the decoration: it's quite neutral (suits all tastes) - dark wooden traditional furniture, with some homey touches  that I like a lot: the two sofas, that remind me very much of the "Central Perks Cafe" @ Friends, do you remember?

and the old lamps, with tiny colourful birds: aren't they sweet?

Regarding the food, the menu is very complete, you can find the traditional Irish full breakfast (what they call Weekender Surrender), pancakes, all kinds of omelettes (very recommendable), breakfast bagels, soup of the day, breakfast sandwiches (Daddy's favourite):

and my absolute number one: Greek yogurt with granola and fruit - big bowl of Greek yogurt, with a big bowl of gorgeous granola (and I mean big) and fresh fruit... delicious!

We think of this place as an all-purpose cafe: yummie breakfast for a lazy Saturday morning, coffee and chat when meeting a friend in the area, best solution when we have guests from home and other cafes are too small, and even birthday parties for kids

and for adults! (in all cases the cakes were baked in the cafe)

couldn't be easier for a lazy/terrible cook/short of ideas mum like me :-)

The place is very conveniently located on Pearse Street, just beside the LIR and only minutes away from the Grand Canal Bord Gais Energy Theatre (perfect to visit for a quick bite before the play starts).

As a summary: it's definitely worth a try if you do not know it yet. You won't be deceived

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