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Christmas 2011 - Dublin events

I know, I know: it's very late to write this post.... it's almost Christmas!!!! My excuse: I've been busy, busy these past couple of weeks and haven't had a minute to update the blog.

You know what? Maybe it's a bit late, but I've been working on this for hours, looking for events in the newspapers, in Internet, in magazines.... to come up with a complete list of activities taking place in Dublin this season, so I have to publish it. Here it goes - I hope you like it and make the most out of it!!!

To see more details of each event and venue, check the links included:

Impossible to miss! Pantos are sooo important for Dubliners during the Christmas season. Are you going to see any of them?

Aladdin @ The Helix: 25th Nov, 2011 - 15th Jan, 2012.

Cheerios panto (Sleeping Beauty) @ The Tivoli: 14 Dec, 2011 - 15th Jan, 2012.

Jedward & the beanstalk @ The Olimpia: 21st Dec - 8th Jan, 2012.

Robinson Crusoe @ The Gaiety: 4th Dec, 2011 - 29th Jan, 2012.

Snow White and the 7 dwarfs @ Draiocht (Blanchardstown): 6th Jan - 15th Jan, 2012

Musicals or sweet Christmas stories or the most traditional Christmas plays... you'll have the opportunity to see them in one of Dublin theatres this season!

Oliver! @ The National Concert Hall: 27th Dec, 2011 - 3rd Jan, 2012.

White Christmas @ The Grand Canal Theatre: 1st Dec - 17th Dec, 2011.

Saveus Maveus and the Santa Claus rescue @ The Mill Theatre: 7th Dec - 20th Dec, 2011.

A Christmas Carol @ The Mill Theatre: 8th Dec - 20th Dec, 2011.

This is my favourite section of the post...I love Christmas markets! And there are some good ones in Dublin this season. Do you want to know where they are located?

Dublin Docklands Christmas Market: 8th Dec - 23rd Dec, 2011.

Dublin Christmas Market @ The Square, Tallaght: 24th Nov - 24th Dec, 2011   and   27th Dec, 2011 - 1st Jan, 2012.

The Dame District Christmas Market @ Dame Court: 17th Dec - 23rd Dec, 2011

Christmas Market @ Christchurch Cathedral: 26th Nov, 3rd Dec, 10th Dec   and   17th Dec, 2011.

Food Market @ Farmleigh House: 17th Dec  and  18th Dec, 2011. Check their event calendar for many more activities scheduled!

Dún Laoghaire Christmas Market @ The Metals Plaza: 9th Dec - 23rd Dec, 2011   and   26th Dec, 2011 - 8th Jan, 2012.

You've probably visited all of them already, but this season they have something else to show you.... it'lll be worth visiting them again!

Imaginosity: check their calendar for dates and times of your favourite Christmas activity!

The National Museum of Ireland: activities organized in their different locations. Check their calendar for more info.

The National Wax Museum Plus:  Santa is sleeping at the museum...but he'll wake up! When????? On 17th, 18th and 23rd Dec, 2011. Check their web for more details.

The National Gallery: Christmas family art holiday which includes family art workshops, tours and musical performances. 28th Dec - 30th Dec, 2011. Check their web calendar for more details.

The Ambassador, showing this season Santa's Playland. See what you'll find there:

7UP WinterWonderland @ Royal Hospital Kilmainham : 8th Dec, 2011 - 8th Jan, 2012. Woooooow! lots of activities for the whole family. It looks just the perfect place to be. Don't miss it!

The North Pole Experience @ The Royal Liver Retail Park (Naas Road): 26th Nov - 23rd Dec, 2011.

Funderland @ the RDS:  26th Dec, 2011 - 8th Jan, 2012. Largest travelling theme park in Europe!

Dundrum on ice @ Dundrum town centre. 1st Nov, 2011 - 29th Jan, 2012. Fantastic!! Tried it ourselves last year, and we had a lovely time, even the youngest members of the family could have a go:

7UP WinterWonderland @ Royal Hospital Kilmainham also has an ice rink!

Plex on ice Leisureplex activity center @ Coolock: open all year round! (only suitable for 6yrs and upwards).

Dún Laoghaire on ice: 8th Dec, 2011 - 8th Jan, 2012

Multiple venues to choose from if you want to hear Chirstmas Carols these days.... I've chosen two:

The National Concert Hall

Christ Church Cathedral

And that's all.... I hope you find the perfect activity/event for you and your family.

Before I finish, I'd like to tell you where I got the above info from:

The Irish Independent (newspaper)
The Irish Times (newspaper)

All your comments welcome!

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